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Every project, idea and initiative has a launch date. For this podcast that day must be on the 3rd of May when the first episode saw the light of day. That is why it made perfect sense to host the Influenced by Nature Launch Event on a rainy day in the end of September...I think an old saying goes by 'better late than never' so what I am trying to say is that we finally held what was to become the very first event of the podcast. Hopefully the first of many.

An amazing bunch of people showed up to an evening of interactive activities, cozy chatting and insect-snacking (brought by the Buglady, my very first guest on the podcast!). My better half had put together an incredible but also tough quiz on climate change and managed at the same time to wonder about the room interviewing defenceless guests on their thoughts on our current environmental issues. Well done!

Meanwhile, people were adding their good advices on lessening our environmental footprints to the "pay it forward"-wall and dropping ideas of future episode topics into the envelopes.

I couldn't have wished for anything more that evening and I am humble from the engagement and interest I saw in our nature, environment and climate. Thanks to all of you who came by that night. Here are some of the pictures!

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