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A lot of us quite like traveling. We learn more than we ever could otherwise. Travel has the potential to change our lives forever when we are exposed to new landscapes, new ways of living, and another way to see the world. However, most of these landscapes are dependent on the natural environment and then it becomes our duty therefore to help preserve these landscapes, respect the local environment, and be more conscious of the repercussions of our actions.

First off, no, we don't have the answers to a completely environmental impact-free travel. For example, flying. We can only promise that we will do what we can to take into consideration the environmental aspects in all travel activities that we do, starting with:

Walking or cycling when possible.

Personally, I enjoy this aspect anyways. It allows me to feel more integrated into the place and honestly, you never know what you will stumble upon along the way instead of taking the train, taxi, or Uber. I've found some of the coolest sights, restaurants, stores, and shops this way.

Use sunscreen that does not have oxybenzone. Look for "Ocean Safe" or "Reef Safe."

Sunscreens with oxybenzone have the ability to alter coral DNA and affect reproduction and growth.

Kick the plastic and disposable items such as water bottles and plastic bags.

Bring your own bottle and backpack/tote.

Look at what your lodging is doing in terms of green initiatives.

More and more often, loding are either getting certified through names such as Green Globe, Green Key Global, and EU Ecolabel. Look into what these places are doing specifically in terms of green initiatives. Also, look to see if the establish is locally owned and operated.

Shop local.

Help boost the local economy at the same time.

Fly the most direct way if possible.

Flying is hard to tackle. There are no easy answers. If offsets are available, then that can be an option! Otherwise, landing and taking off utilizes the most fuel, so flying most direct and in coach will lower the impact of flying. Also, some airlines are taking steps towards energy efficiency.

Respecting local flora and fauna.

Staying on trails, disposing garbage properly, and reduce interactions with local biodiversity. Avoid tourism activities that involve paid interaction with animals!

Got more tips? Please tell us! Leave a comment or email us at We always like to learn more.

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