New Year, New Plan

Each week, we have a meeting to talk about upcoming things to do and also to brainstorm. A few weeks ago, the meeting ran extra long and time flew by as we talked on and on about what we could do this coming year.

Now, we want to share some ideas we have. They all revolve around growing the podcast listenership, expanding the topics covered, offering tips and solutions, and continuing to build our platform!

So, here it goes....

Of cause the most obvious one would have to be to explore more environmental topics and solutions through guests on the podcast (Ex. how can we make sure that our coffee has a small environmental footprint?, what is permaculture and is it helpful for the environment? and what can be said about climate change after 1 year with Trump?)


Live podcast recording - yeah why not, and we would love to see you stop by for it!


Invite guest writers for editorial posts in relation to podcast episode topics


Expand on the Christmas cheer for 2018 by selling IbN posters



(Coming up in May 2018)

Let's leave it at this for a start. We are alway bouncing around ideas so if you have any ideas/comments on what you would like to see out of the podcast then don't hold back but email us at!

Looking forward to a splendid 2018 filled with environmental victories, more positive initiatives towards minimising climate change and lots of new stuff to learn.


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