The rollercoaster ride of the year!

I wanted to take a moment before the new year to reflect on what has happened in the magical year of 2017. And what a year!

The idea for Influenced by Nature came around back in November of 2016 but it was not until January 2017 that I finally pulled myself together and wrote out the first guest invitation. That invitation quickly led to another and before I knew it I had recorded my first three interviews. Never mind that I had no clue on how to place the microphone, how to adjust the perfect settings or maybe even ask the right questions. It was a true learning curve, like taking your very first step all over again, not knowing how to place your feet let alone keeping the balance. Sure there was moments - like when sitting in a noisy hotel lobby trying to have a conversation on water scarcity with a representative from The World Bank when all I can hear is someone dragging chairs across the room - where it all seemed like a mouthful. I can tell you though that a year later it sometimes still seem like a mouthful.

Finally the day came that I had been waiting for. The website was complete, I had a few interviews in the bag, pictures, editing, shownotes, it was all there. Just one click and Influenced by Nature was officially a thing. On the 3rd of May 2017. I could listen to it on iTunes, play it on Soundcloud and read all about it on the new and, according to myself, incredibly good looking webpage. It felt surreal.

A couple of weeks went and it was time for the next episode. Then another two weeks. Rainforest conservation, edible insects, organic farming, urban climate change solutions, environmentally friendly Christmas. The more episodes that came out, the more I felt that Influenced by Nature was a podcast with a good message - the episodes spanned widely including subjects on climate change, the environment and nature related issues but I wanted to present them through amazing solutions and ideas from people who work to save the world. I know it sounds grand but that’s what we would all like to do, right? Saving a little bit of the world every day. I think the guests on this podcast are all doing that in some way or the other through their work, interest, passions and ideas and it has really been a pleasure sharing that with you.

In September I held the launch party for Influenced by Nature. I know it came five months late but bear in mind it felt a bit like a rollercoaster ride since the release so before I could tell what was up and down, September had arrived. The launch party was incredible though and I want to say another big ‘thank you’ to the people showing up!

The last and major thing that has happened on Influenced by Nature in the first year of its life, or actually 6 months of its life, is that we have expanded. Yeah, now I can start saying ‘we’ about everything on the pod which feels incredible. In November I was so lucky to get the talented and fellow climate change student Michelle to join me on the journey. She has for the past two months been upping the pace of IbN, contributed with invaluable ideas for the new year and have taken charge of our outreach area. Big thank you for joining the ride Michelle! And I am sure all of you will get to know Michelle much more during the next stages of IbN.

This was a little update on the past year, thank you all for listening in - we will soon share our plans, hopes and dreams for the next year to come on the IbN Podcast!



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