A Very Merry Christmas (& A Conscious New Year)

We've made it to Christmas! Influenced by Nature wishes you a very merry Christmas and invite you to take on a more conscious new year.

It's been less than a year since IbN has launched and we have so much to be grateful for this Christmas. For one, we are grateful for YOU, the listeners who share our interests for a better world. We are grateful for the guests who have agreed to come onto the podcast and to whoever out there making efforts and taking on initiatives to solve environmental problems, from local student organizations to the global networks.

We could go on forever, but you know what we mean.

As students who work and study in climate change, the prospects can seem grim at times. But who are we to sit back and let it continue? If we are aware of the problem, how can we willingly turn a blind eye to its impacts and the world's most vulnerable communities?

With great appreciation for this year, IbN will embark on another, determined to become better ambassadors to the environment and we encourage everyone to join in. Let us BREAK OUT of these social norms that facilitate negative impacts on the environments. After all, it all begins on an individual level....

Thank you all for a wonderful year and IbN wishes you all the best!

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