Christmas Wrapping: Thinking Outside the Box

One box wrapped with traditional decorative wrapping paper, invisible tape, plastic bows, maybe some glitter, and ribbon might not be a big deal. Two or three even, but when everyone does it, the waste accumulated from unrecyclable, one-time use materials really adds up. To make matters worse, glitter becomes microplastic waste with the potential to wash into waters.

It's not an easy matter to incorporate a mindset that considers product lifecycle into everything we do. Afterall, it's JUST wrapping we do a few times a year! What's the big deal?

If that's the case, then, the same logic can be applied the other way around. If we offer you simple, creative, and more sustainable ways to wrap Christmas presents, what's the harm in trying them out.... It actually might turn out easier than traditional decorative gift wrapping paper and offer the gift receiver an unique presentation. Think beyond traditional gift wrapping paper and consider some of these ideas that encourage degradable, recyclable, or reusable materials.






One of the best parts is that you can ask for some of these back and use them again next time! Or maybe the receiver wants to use it for your next present. Spiced up with beautiful (and of course reusable) ribbons, pine cones, leaves or whatever your creativity unfolds, these wrappings can end up being much more than just something the receiver tears apart in a hurry.

We want this to be a fun and nice change away from conventional wrappings. So, when you go on your next creative-wrapping-spree, we just want to give you a few easy things to AVOID:

Laminated wrapping paper

Plastic ribbon

Micro-plastic glitter

Happy wrapping and merry Christmas from us here at Influenced by Nature!

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