Come work with me and gain some experience!

As with all good projects lots of ideas and visions are also attached to this podcast. But since I only have two hands and 24 hours a day, I would love to get some help and inspiration from you. 

I am unfortunately not able to pay you but there would be so many other benefits of joining the podcast:


A setup and framework where you can develop and perfect your skillset and be creative.

Boost CV

Be part of a start-up experience and boost your CV!

A chance to dive down into very current topics on climate, nature and the environment and be visual about it.



A chance to influence the future development of the podcast through new ideas and projects. 

Broaden your network through guests and events.


Free tea/coffee

A good cuppa is everything sometimes.


I always ensure that we have very flexible working hours

I am looking for...you?


Are you creative and interested in film or video-making with environmental impacts and focus then let's do something together!

Are you great on paper and love writing stories, news-updates, life-hacks or just sharing personal reflections then I am sure we can find a place for you in the IBN-blog.

Story writing

Are you in general interested in climate, nature and the environment and would love to get involved then I am sure we can find an area for your expertise. Below are some suggestions of what areas we could explore together: 


Love the buzz of creating events? Then let's work on it together. Events can range from IBN-anniversary events to guest-talks through the podcast network or something completely different depending on your creativity. 

Do you want to explore the world of nature photography or explore the environmental impacts of your neighbourhood? Then snap it, showcase it on the website and even write up a story behind it.


So who are you?


Interested in making the world a little bit greener and keep up to date on climate change, sustainability and environmental topics.

Creative and enthusiastic

A person with a positive attitude and a good sense of humour

Possibly a student

Based in the Copenhagen area

Get in touch!

If you want to get involved or are curious for more information or opportunities then give me a message on ibnpod@gmail.com with a little information about yourself, area of interest and why you are interested. Looking forward to hearing from you!  

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