Influenced by Nature on Woroni Radio


We're taking the temperature on Australia's climate; a 9-episode IbN-Australia special. 


While I (Stine) am in Canberra for a semester at the Australian National University, I've teamed up with my co-host Ben Galea at Woroni Radio to bring you the full tour of climate change in Australia. Each week we dive into a new aspect of Australia's fascinating environment. 

Your hosts

Ben Galea

Stine Eiersholt

Radio episodes

During the first show we go back to the beginning and explore what is climate change, is it fair to compare it to a disease and why is the Greenland ice sheet called a tipping point? We finish off the show by exploring some recent climate change news headlines from Australia. And it's not all positive.

In the second show, we take a closer look into what Australian climate change have meant for the past, what it looks like in the present and what we might expect to happen in the future.

Next episode coming soon

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