IbN # 9 - Geert Vons

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"Sustainably is one of the worst words existing. There’s no such thing as sustainability.

It’s as simple as if you take something out of the ocean it is gone and if you put trash in the ocean it’s there."

This week I am joined by Artistic Director of Sea Shepherds Global and director of Sea Shepherd Netherlands Geert Vons to discuss one of their campaigns that they have named Bloody Fjords. 


Sea Shepherds Global is a non-profit ocean conservation organisation who works through campaigns to protect marine wildlife and the oceans. The organisation was founded in 1977 and have since worked internationally in many areas, among those to fight back illegal exploitation of the oceans, to stop the destruction of marine ecosystems and to unravel unregulated fishing. 


Many international laws are made to protect the oceans and its wildlife but a large part of these laws are difficult to maintain for local authorities. Therefore, the Sea Shepherds are both very active through their on-scene fleet borne campaigns with a large group of volunteers and through legal actions that demands implicated parties to uphold international marine laws and legislations. 


The particular campaign discussed on this episode, Bloody Fjords, is exactly one such campaign where the Sea Shepherds are using both direct and legal action. The name shows very figuratively what this campaign is addressing; the Faroese tradition known as the Grind where hundreds of pilot whales are killed each year which leaves the fjords coloured deep red. 

Read more about the Sea Shepherds Global and find out what other campaigns they are running and how to get involved on their website

From their site you can also learn more about their operation Bloody Fjords


You can also keep updated about their work on their social media, Facebook, twitter and instagram.

According to the European Union's Habitat's Directive, their member countries are prohibited to “deliberately kill cetaceans” - the group of mammals that among others include whales. The Faroe Islands are not themselves a member of the EU, but the controversy about this tradition arises due to the Faroe Islands being under Danish protectorate, a full EU member and a country that has been shown to assist the Faroese in the killing of pilot whales.  


Listen to this episode and learn much more about the Grind and about the work of the Sea Shepherds in a case that has drawn much attention around the world for its strong images of bloody fjords. 

Photos from the Sea Shepherd Grind campaign.



Sea Shepherds Global

Artistic director, Geert Vons, is sharing details about a long and ever-evolving Sea Shepherd campaign called Bloody Fjords which opposes the killing of pilot whales in the Faroese Islands - a tradition that collides with EU directives and being under Danish protectorate. 

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