IbN # 8 - Jay Sheppard

Show Notes

"We don’t have a food production issue - we have a food distribution issue....We just have an over-abundance that is just not being utilised in any way."

With 88 million tonnes of food being wasted each year in Europe alone, this week’s guest and organisation is touching upon a large-scale issue in our modern society that challenges us to ask both ethical, economic and environmental questions.

This week, I am chatting to Jay Sheppard, one of the volunteers behind the organisation Foodsharing Copenhagen.


Foodsharing Copenhagen is an entirely volunteer based grassroots initiative in Denmark with the aim of reducing food waste by redistributing and sharing perfectly good leftover food. They believe that food which is deemed as waste by supermarkets, bakeries and other shops should be shared, free of charge and for everybody. It is with this purpose they host events multiple times a week around Copenhagen where they give out anything from broccoli and bread to avocadoes and apples. All for free. To anybody.

Go to one of Foodsharing Copenhagen's events around Copenhagen! You can keep yourself updated on their Foodsharing events and other social activities through their Facebook page.

You can also sign up to become a Foodsharing activist through their webpage foodsharingcph.org.

Besides taking action and handling food distribution, Foodsharing Copenhagen are also visible when it comes to raising awareness about food waste at talks and events and it was at such an event I first heard about the initiative from Jay. Besides helping to organise Foodsharing within Copenhagen and being one of their active speakers at events, Jay Sheppard is currently a MSc Climate Change student at the University of Copenhagen. He has a big interest within the issues of food production, consumption and waste.

Before this interview, I went to one of the food sharing events. I was really amazed by the amount of people I saw at the event and maybe even more amazed by the atmosphere created by both the volunteers and the crowd. Foodsharing Copenhagen seems to not only be doing a good deed with reducing food waste but are also doing it in the best setting possible where everybody can take part and have a great time with a fantastic team.


If you are near Copenhagen, whether you live there or just passing by, I would highly recommend showing up to one of their Foodsharing events. Get some free food, a good chat, maybe some advice on reducing your own food waste or some inspiration to start something like this up yourself.


And as they say; sharing is caring.    



Foodsharing Copenhagen

Foodsharing Copenhagen is a grassroots initiative working towards a world with less food waste. Their incredible volenteers distribute leftover food every week from wholesale markets and bakeries to you and me for free.

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