IbN # 6 - Henry Evans

Show Notes

"Imagine if you told your friend about it and they started to change. Then they told a friend. Everybody told a friend.

In a couple of years you could have 7 billion people all environmentally aware".   

Change happens through education. That is something I believe to be very true and something that my guest on this episode is working hard for; creating change through the power of education.

​Henry Evans has a BSc in Marine Biology and is a current MSc student in Climate Change at the University of Copenhagen. He is also the founder of an educational outreach programme called Magnificent Ocean which he established shortly after returning from an expedition he was so fortunate to take part in during his Bachelor degree.

​The expedition, which came to change Henry’s life, was an expedition to the South Pole, Antarctica, in the honour of the late British explorer Captain Scott. On signing up to take part in this adventure, Henry had no clue what was waiting for him. After a one-year-long selection process, which contained both physical and mental tests conducted by the Royal Navy, Henry was the last man standing to take part in this cold challenge.

The expedition consisted of 14 days of hiking the last 2 degrees to the South Pole. It was a slow hike on the ice of Antarctica, in weather changing by the minute from blue sky to heavy mist, whilst dragging a heavy sleigh behind him. Despite the tough conditions the trip was a success and Henry returned home not only having conquered the challenge but with an urge to do something that would show people the incredible beauty and importance of this vast landscape. That is when Magnificent Ocean was born.

​It started local. Henry began doing presentations to schools around his home in England, showing both pictures and equipment from his South-Pole-expedition to kids. This turned out to spark great interest among the kids and soon Henry was doing his presentations all over England. Not long after, Magnificent Ocean expanded to cover the rest of the World, doing presentations for hundreds of international schools.

Magnificent Ocean did not only expand geographically, but in addition to talking about the expedition Henry also took on subjects such as climate change, sustainability, marine biology and science topics in general.

That is where Henry and Magnificent Ocean stands today; introducing kids from so many backgrounds to science and exploration. The presentations are making these important topics fun and understandable whilst creating an interest for pursuing these areas. And who knows, maybe some of these kids will be the ones to drive the changes we need in the future.     


Check out the website of Magnificent Ocean where you will find information on how to get involved in some of the work Henry does and how to get Magnificent Ocean out to a school near you.

You can also keep yourself updated on their Twitter and Facebook page.

The World Student Magazine had a brilliant article about Henry's South Pole expedition in January 2017. Read it here.

If you are curious to read more about the original, mind-blowing but fatal expedition to the South Pole led by Captain Scott in 1910, then here are some good pages:

BBC History

Scott's Last Expedition

Henry Evans on his expedition to the South Pole



Magnificent Ocean

Henry Evans, founder of Magnificent Ocean tells his story of how an expedition to the Antarctica South Pole ended up in the making of an educational program about climate change, marine biology and sustainability, reaching hundreds of schools across the globe.

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