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Belina Raffy, Founder

Belina Raffy from the comedy project Sustainable Stand Up explains how stand-up can help us to talk about stuff that matters and avoid the doom and gloom mentality surrounding how we treat this planet and each other. 

Photo by Mikael Colville-Andersen

IbN # 29: Can comedy help us talk about climate change?

w. Belina Raffy

Founder and Director, Sustainable Stand Up

"We're not going; "polar bears are dying hahaha". We're making fun of the silly system that we have created that has that output".

Often when we talk climate change and sustainability it can all get a bit heavy and at least our media have a certain tendency to make it all very doom and gloom. Our guest this week is trying to create the complete opposite effect. Sustainable Stand Up turns around such doom and gloom by making sustainability and climate change relatable and turning it into something we can all laugh at together.


I caught Belina Raffy over Skype to talk about her project Sustainable Stand up which, as she says, helps us to learn how to be engaging, smart and funny about stuff that matters. Belina is Founder and Director of Sustainable Stand Up and began doing stand-up and improv comedy in New York, 1996. A few years ago she created the Sustainable Stand Up courses which has since spread throughout the world. The course is for you and me and anyone else interested in some form of sustainability or social change. This is proven by the participants so far ranging from the environmental activist, the CSR employee to the average citizen who is curious about how we communicate sustainability between us.


Each course contains live and online sessions and is finished off with a live show. Out of many people’s comfort zones, the participants make a 5 min stand-up show about personal sustainability topics. The skills each participant obtain enable them to connect with other people and expand the general perception of these important topics.  


Can sustainable stand up help us talk about climate change? After talking to Belina, I believe it can.

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Show Notes

Check out the upcoming Sustainable Stand Up courses and read all about the project here!


You can also follow them on Facebook where they often post about other incredible, fun and quirky sustainability-related stand-up. Lastly, if Twitter is your media you can also catch their updates there!

Belina quickly mentions her company Maffick in this episode. Visit to get more info about her work on not only sustainable stand-up but also improv comedy, consultancy, workshops and coaching. 

The last link I put up is for YouTube, and I can only recommend you to go in and watch some of the previous Sustainable Stand Up shows - and who knows, maybe get inspired yourself.   

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