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Janet Gunter, Co-founder

How long should our electronics be able to last vs how long it takes before we throw them away? The Restart Project help us prolong the life of our electronics by hosting community repair events where you can bring your broken electronics. All for the benefit of people and the planet. 

IbN # 28: Restart your "dead" electronics

w. Janet Gunter

Education Lead, Co-founder, The Restart Project

"It's a place where people can share skills and prevent waste and empower themselves"

Many of us know the pain of a broken phone or a slow laptop. In doubt of what to do next, many of us have probably come to the conclusion that the only way forward is to buy a replacement. Or maybe we have ventured down to the retailer, just to get the message that it is easier to offer us a new item in contrast to sending the old one back for reparation. 


This is bad, not only for our wallets but also for the environment. According to Janet Gunter, this week's guest, the majority of an electronic's environmental footprint happens before it's being sold. The Restart Project is fighting against this throw-away replacement system by helping and enabling us all to repair our own electronics. 

The Restart Project is a community based repair network and platform where volunteers help people repair their electronics at events called Restart Parties. Not only do the repair events prolong the life of our valuable electronics, they also teach communities about the importance of preserving our resources and by that putting people and planet first. The Restart Project's events and repair communities started in London but have since spread to many other countries in the world. 

On this episode I speak to Janet Gunter who is Lead of Education and Co-Founder of the Restart Project. Janet is an anthropologist and activist and knows a great deal about electronics and why it is crucial that we learn to take better care of the items that each of us posses. 

Listen to this episode as Janet explains the environmental consequences behind our every-day electronics. She also dives into how the Restart Project works, what they have accomplished so far, how you can take part and she even gives a few advices on how to deal with your own electronics. 

Show Notes

Check out the incredible Restart Project and find out whether there is a Restart event near you. 

The project has its own podcast - all about gadgets. 

You can also check out some of their other initiatives, such as the Open Repair Alliance (a collaboration for creating more durable and easily repairable electronics) and the Fixfest (a weekend of bringing together repairers, activists, policy-makers and companies).

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