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w. Alejandro Franco

90% of all coffee mass goes to waste after consumption and ends up emitting methane from our landfills. Kaffe Bueno wants to change this by utilising the valuable oils found within coffee grounds to make skin care products whilst enhancing the life for coffee farmers.

The team behind Kaffe Bueno. From left to right: Camilo Fernandez, Alejandro Franco and Juan Medina

IbN # 23: Don't let your coffee go to waste!

w. Alejandro Franco, Co-founder of Kaffe Bueno

"(Coffee grounds) they end up in landfills most of them where they decompose and generate methane which is 30-80 times more harmful to the environment than CO2"

One of the things we have learned over the course of the past few episodes is that whenever you have a production line, it is a smart idea to close the loop and avoid creating waste or at least to use the waste that is unavoidable.


One industry that produces an immense amount of waste compared to product, is coffee. As a global community we consume tonnes and tonnes of coffee a year - and more than 90% of that coffee ends up as waste in landfills after brewing.  

Our guest this week is Alejandro Franco, Co-founder of Kaffe Bueno whose mission is to extent the life of used coffee grounds by incorporating it back into the production line and make a higher-value product out of it - for the benefit of both people and planet. Not only do they avoid coffee grounds decomposing in land-fills where they emit the damaging greenhouse gas methane, they also aim at extracting healthy oils from the coffee waste to use in skin care products.  

The team behind Kaffe Bueno consists of three Columbian entrepreneurs: Alejandro Franco, Camilo Fernandez and Juan Medina. Together they have travelled to Denmark to set up their sustainable coffee business where profits are channelled back into the production line to help both Columbian farmers and the environment. 

They have already gained much approval in Denmark and won both innovation prizes and gotten grants to research their new technology within bio-refinery - a technique needed for the extraction of the coffee waste oils. Their goal is to have the technique ready by September 2018 

The Kaffe Bueno team on one of their coffee trips to Columbia. 

The Kaffe Bueno Team in front of the Danish Parliament with Uffe Elbæk, political leader of the party 'Alternativet'.

Show Notes

Read more about Kaffe Bueno and follow their coffee-waste-saving development through website

You can also find the three Columbians through their social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Alejandro has also written a great article encapsulating the essence of what Kaffe Bueno is working to achieve. Read it here!

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