IbN # 22: Closing the loop

Show Notes

"All industries can already tackle any of the nowadays environmental problems"

Read more about the initiative and events of the Circular Economy Club on their website

You can also find some good information on circular economy from the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

I have decided to split this week's episode into two parts, both touching upon the overall topic of circular economy! Last week, we heard about how our linear production system is damaging both the environment and those people working or living along side it. Our then guests, The Story of Stuff Project, shared advice and solutions to how we can turn away from being consumers and start being citizens again. As a continuation of that, we shift our focus from individual consumption to looking at how companies can help us and the environment by closing the loop on production.  

Our guest this week has used much time, both through studying, working and volunteering, on spreading the word about the concept of circular economy. Her name is Anna Queralt and she is currently involved in the Danish youth educational organisation called 'UngEnergi'. She has a Master within the area of Sustainable Cities and has spent time working for the initiative Zero Waste Europe. 

We met up with Anna at the Copenhagen Circular Mapping Week event that she organised with a bunch of amazing volunteers for the Circular Economy Club. The Circular Economy Club is an international network made up from thousands of circular economy professionals and organisations. The event, which is held throughout Europe, aims at spreading awareness about the many circular economy initiatives seen within different industries. The collected data will be available as an extensive map online to be used by everyone from start-ups to larger companies, students and teachers alike. 

Also on this weeks episode, I have the greatest pleasure of introducing two lovely ladies who is helping me every week making this podcast better and better. We are now officially a diverse team of myself, climate change coffeeholic Michelle Lee and sustainable fashionista Connie Jeffreys. Listen to this episode as Michelle and Connie share how they ended up in the grey country of Denmark after which we all dive into the topic of circular economy and discuss this alternative way of treating the world's resources.   



w. Anna Queralt, volunteer at The Circular Economy Club

Right: Guest on this episode, Anna Queralt, Left: host; Stine Eiersholt

The IbN Team! Left to right: Stine Eiersholt, Connie Jeffreys and Michelle Lee



The Circular Economy Club

What is circular economy and why is it good for our environment and us? Those are questions we try and answer this week with our guest Anna Queralt who is a big promoter of circularity within business and resources. This is also the episode where you get to meet the full IbN Team of Michelle Lee, Connie Jeffreys and myself.

E  P  I  S  O  D  E   22

Listen. Learn. Explore.

Why we need to be citizens, not consumers, with the Story of Stuff Project.

The volunteer team for the Copenhagen Circular Economy Mapping Event. Anna Queralt is standing second from the right. 

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