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Quitting the take-make-waste culture

Show Notes

"We take natural resources, we produce consumer goods and we create waste. This take-make-waste system runs in one direction. The problem is that we only have one planet - a finite planet!"

Read more about the mission of the Story of Stuff Project, their campaigns and find out how to get involved through their website. ​

You can watch the Story of Stuff movie of which this episode is based on either here or through their website and explore some of the other movies on e.g. microfibers, cosmetics or electronics produced by the team. 

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We live in a world where our over-consumptive culture is exploiting our natural resources, hurting low-paid, hard-working people and filling up our landfills. That is what, Anne Leonard discovered through years of work and research and led her to produce the very first Story of Stuff movie. 


In the Story of Stuff movie, Anne points out the issues we face with regards to our produce-consume-dispose culture in the current materials economy. She suggests that we develop a more circular approach to this system and that we should start cherish other relationships and put less weight on what we think materialism can give us. 


In this episode, I have the pleasure of speaking to Brett Chamberlin who is the Community Engagement Project Manager of the Story of Stuff Project. Brett elaborates on many of the elements touched upon in the movie and provides amazing depths and thoughts to the way that we live side by side with over-consumption. Brett finishes off the interview by providing a range of solutions that we can do as citizens, not consumers, to help change around our consumption-reliant culture. 

Since the first Story of Stuff movie, the team behind have created an impressive variety of animated movies highlighting various current environmental issues. The movies have been viewed more than 50 million times and have sparked environmental action around the world through community engagement. 

w. Brett Chamberlin from the Story of Stuff Project



Brett Chamberlin

We have a problem with stuff. Brett Chamberlin from The Story of Stuff Project explains how we have developed a culture of over-consumption and how that culture is hurting our environment, the people working somewhere along the production line and our own well-being. 

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