IbN # 20: Offsetting Trump's ignorance

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"There's the reality of where we're at with man-made climate change and that we'll need to be addressing this. And there's the political reality of the US abdicating their leadership role"

Read more about Trump Forest on their website or find out how you can help grow Trump Forest!

It has been nearly a year, and even though many of us thought it almost impossible, he is still here. The Donald. The Trump. Since his inauguration in the end of January 2017 he has "accomplished" a variety of confusing and slightly worrying tasks. In between climate change denying tweets, two of the most remarkable actions have to be signing the order to dismantle the Clean Power Plan and pulling out of the Paris Agreement. Both are actions which do not look too great for the environment, the global fight against climate change and the current track towards renewable energies. 

Luckily, his presidency has also sparked much action in favour of the environment. One project that intends to make Earth great again while at the same time mixing in some humor and a comment towards Trump is the Trump Forest. 


Trump Forest aims to offset the extra greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere due to the president's decisions. The best way to do this? By planting a global forest. 

According to their calculations, a reforested area the size of the State of Kentucky is needed. Together with people from around the planet they are pursuing their target and have in well under a year planted nearly one million trees! Anyone can add to the Trump Forest either by planting trees themselves or by donating to the Eden Reforestation Project. 

The team behind Trump Forest is my guest Jeff Willis, PhD candidate in political science; climate scientist Dan Price and sustainable cap company founder Adrien Taylor. All three have much experience with climate change actions and have now pulled their efforts together to show the world that we can do something about the stupidity currently seen from the White House. As they say, the Trump Forest is a project where "ignorance grows trees".  

w. Jeff Willis from Trump Forest



Trump Forest

Jeff Willis from Trump Forest explains how the group is planting a global forest to offset the extra greenhouse gas emissions caused by the ignorance of the Trump presidency. 

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From left to right: Adrien Taylor, Dan Price and Jeff Willis

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