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"We are right now on track by 2025 to save billions of gallons of water, millions of pounds of chemicals and keep over two millions tons of textiles out of landfills. Yeah, I can change the world"

Visit the online platform Queen of Raw to see how sustainable materials and leftover textiles are playing a part in making the industry more green. You can also listen to Stephanie's own podcast 'Materials is your Business'. 

If you want to read more about Stephanie and her company then take a look at her Launch profile and an interview she did for Project Entrepreneur. 

The textile and clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. The amount of water used, dyes needed and raw materials produced are just some of the elements playing into the environmental issues around textiles.


Another issue is waste. Millions of pounds of clothing are discarded each year and ends up in landfills around the world as the ghost of the fast fashion industry. Another large waste issue is the excess stock from suppliers that are in many cases lying around unnoticed in warehouses and therefore also risk ending up in landfills - produced but never used for anything! CEO and co-founder of Queen of Raw, Stephanie Benedetto, intend to do something about this issue through her online platform and marketplace which connects designers and suppliers to combat the waste of perfectly good textiles.

Not only does Stephanie try and bring back the excess textiles to the fashion industry, she also deals with a lot of new and innovative environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials. Did you know that recycled plastic bottles can be made into fabric or that you can produce your own materials in the exact amounts needed through 3D-printing? Pretty impressive, right?

Bringing down waste is also a way to bring down the textile production which has environmental benefits on all the parameters mentioned above. Using environmentally friendly materials like exchanging conventional cotton with organic cotton is a way of reducing ones own environmental impact which is also the case if we start prolonging the lifetime of clothing through recycling. 

If you are curious or even a bit sceptical on how/if the fashion industry can lessen its impact on our planet then listen in on this interview with the innovator, optimist and environmentalist Stephanie Benedetto from Queen of Raw. 

w. Stephanie Benedetto from Queen of Raw



Queen of Raw

Stephanie reveals the polluting aspects of the textile industry and shows how her online platform Queen of Raw helps to combat the waste of perfectly good fabric that ends up in landfills each year. A perfect combination of people, planet and profit!

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