IbN # 18 - how to celebrate a sustainable Christmas 

Show Notes

"One thing that is really important in the Christmas days is to use up the leftovers. Maybe you can't convince your family to skip meat but you can bring home the leftover and make sure they are eaten."

Pay a visit to Sustain Daily for more good stuff on sustainable living (in danish). Their next magazine is coming out sometime in the first half of 2018 so stay tuned - and yes it will be available to purchase in both Danish and English.  

Sustain Daily is much more than an online lifestyle forum about sustainability - it's a community, a movement and an inspiration. The project was founded back in 2016 by Ditte Rosenquist, Emma Slebsager and Johanne Stenstrup, of which the latter two are guesting our podcast this week. 

Today, Sustain Daily is a web magasin which brings you ideas, news and inspiration on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle - and have fun with it all at the same time. Both the editors and the network of volunteers take a stand in their own lives as they experiment and explore the possibilities and challenges of changing habits and viewpoints on the road to lessening their own environmental footprints.  

Here at IbN we thought this holiday season of Christmas would be the perfect time to take a look at what habits and traditions we live by that could be slightly modified so that Christmas can end up being good for both us and the environment. We were very happy to have Johanne and Emma joining us for a little chat about slightly modified Christmas habits that still oozes of Christmas joy and festivities. 

About this week's guests: Emma is the chief editor on Sustain Daily, studies a Master in Psycology at the University of Copenhagen and runs her own blog in her free time. She just became a mother to a little boy which we loved to meet during the interview. 

Johanne is chief responsible for all press and cooporation for Sustain Daily. She has an education within fashion and marketing which she utilises when she blogs about sustainable fashion on her blog

Grab your notebook so you can scribble down the good tips and tricks given by Johanne and Emma on celebrating a sustainable Christmas! And pay extra attention when they give their thoughts on how you can inspire and get your family involved in the green Christmas revolution as well. 

Merry Christmas from us here at IbN!

w. Johanne Stenstrup and Emma Slebsager from Sustain Daily



Johanne Stenstrup 

& Emma Slebsager

Our two amazing guests from the online sustainable lifestyle forum, Sustain Daily, are sharing their best tips and tricks to a green and sustainable Christmas - and a few words on how you can inspire and get your family involved as well. 

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