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"You and I can do an awful lot about how we impact on climate change. We have large carbon footprints. We have the capacity to say: well, no I don’t want to be part of this problem any longer, I want to do something. I can source all my electricity from renewables now for instance". 

Read more about Ashley Cooper's book "Images From a Warming Planet" and purchase your own copy exclusively through his website

This episode features Ashley Cooper, a British fotographer situated in the Lake District of England. Ashley has long been deeply interested in the impacts of climate change and have had his environmental and climate change related images published in everything from books, newspapers and on tv. He has used 13 years to travel all corners of the world in order to document the effect that climate change has on the world. A wide selection of these photos have made it into his latest book "Images from a warming planet" that through stunning graphics shows the causes and impacts of climate change and some of the solutions that have started gaining support. 

Wherever Ashley has travelled, he has met people fallen victims to the rapidly changing nature, often people with very small environmental footprints themselves but who are much more dependent on the gifts that nature provides them. He has also met objections to his work by companies or states trying to limit him access to projects that they run so it cannot get caught by the unforgiving lens. Lastly, in his book you will also see the hope of new technologies, like renewable energy, gaining presence in many areas of the world which somehow promise that there is a solution out there to mitigate a changing climate. 

Give this episode a listen to learn about the Inuits in Alaska, the tar-sands of Canada and a solar-crematorium in India while being reminded about how much we can actually do towards a greener future. 

w. Ashley Cooper, photographer



"Images from a warming planet"

For 13 years, the photographer Ashley Cooper travelled around the world documenting the impacts of climate change. Images of indigenous peoples dependence on a changing nature to vast areas destroyed by tar-sand extraction have recently been published in Ashley's latest book, Images From a Warming Planet. 

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