IbN # 16 - Exploring the top 100 urban  climate solutions

Show Notes

"What happens if we start communicating, not the risks but the opportunities? Look at all the amazing things that are already happening around the world to make this green, bright, happy and healthy future."

Download the inspiring Cities100 2017 publication here and dive down into the different climate solutions taking place right now!

Visit Sustainia and be amazed by the Global Opportunity Explorer

When I read the news, I can sometimes be afraid that nothing is really happening to actually fight climate change. It sure seem like a lot of talking and not much action. 


Luckily this episode proves otherwise. Through the podcast I wish to put focus on the different solutions that make our world greener and minimise climate change. On this episode it is not just one such solution but an entire 100 of them that have neatly been collected in an excellent publication, the Cities100. 


I have been so lucky to speak to Sustainia, an international sustainability think tank that helps companies, cities and organisations transition towards a more sustainable future. Pernille Jægerfelt, analyst and editor of the Cities100 report for Sustainia has joined me in this interview to talk about the 100 best climate solutions which are being implemented in cities around the world. 


The 100 solutions that Sustainia picks out each year become part of a toolbox for those looking for successful sustainable projects. To make it even better, these 100 solutions are then poured into what is called the Global Opportunity Explorer which is an online platform booming with years of climate and environmental solutions for both cities, sectors and market opportunities. For links to the Cities100 publication, Sustainia and the Global Opportunity Explore see further down. 

So if you, like me, are sceptical on whether much is happening to fight climate change in the urban space, then listen to this episode. 

w. Pernille Jægerfelt from Sustainia

The Cities100 team of 2017! From left to right: Nic Craig (Project Coordinator), Emil Damgaard Grann (Director of Insights), Pernille Jægerfelt (Analyst & Editor), Anders Vestergaard Jensen, (Senior Analyst) and Jack Robinson (Project Coordinator).




Each year, the sustainability think tank Sustania collects 100 amazing climate solutions from cities all over the world. Pernille, analyst and editor of the Cities100 report shares how cities are fighting back climate change.  

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