IbN # 15 - Innovating the plastic problem

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"It just kind of doesn´t make sense in that capacity that we are using something ones that then wont break down for hundreds of years"

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8 million tonnes of plastic is dumped in the oceans every year.


Only around 14% of the plastic packaging that we produce around the world is collected for recycling.


Of all the millions of tonnes of plastic produced each year a staggering 50% of that is for single use purposes. 

Pretty sad facts on plastic pollution right? Luckily we have amazing people and initiatives around the world who are trying to do something about this. 

My guest on this episode is Anne Warner who is a program manager for the California-based innovation platform Think Beyond Plastic. 

Plastic pollution is very real on the beaches of the Islands in the Mesoamerican Reef where Think Beyond Plastic operates. 

w. Anne Warner from Think Beyond Plastic

Think Beyond Plastic is leading innovative large-scale efforts to cope with the global problem of plastic pollution. They run different programs to help the transition from conventional fossil fuel based plastics to more biodegradable and sustainable plastic alternatives. Here in 2017 they specifically run a Marine Plastics Innovation Challenge together with UN Environment that invites entrepreneurial university students to help solve the plastic crisis.


Anne herself has a Masters in Ocean Science and has a big passion for marine conservation. She is mainly working on the Mesoamerican Reef Project for Think Beyond Plastic which aims to help island communities which are heavily affected by plastic pollution. This project lies outside the normal innovation challenge scope of Think Beyond Plastic but truly explores the benefits of implementing new plastic alternatives and reducing plastic waste in fragile environments. 


Anne is through this interview giving us a view into the Mesoamerican Reef Project while she also shares everything she knows about the plastic innovation challenges from Think Beyond Plastic. 


What solutions do you think it takes to fight our very current plastic problems?



Think Beyond Plastic

We and our oceans are drowning in plastic! The initiative Think Beyond Plastic aims to combat this through innovation challenges that leads the transition from conventional plastic towards a future of biodegradable and sustainable plastic alternatives. 

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