IbN # 11 - Elvira Di'brigit

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"A lot of people that I interviewed really felt that what they (the farmers) were doing, providing this healthy food to other people, was such a sacred responsibility. And made it worth it to them".

Can farming be sustainable and good for the environment? My guest on this episode is Elvira Di’Brigit who has just released her new book 'Why We Farm' describing the farming community of the Capay Valley, close to the San Francisco Bay Area in America. 

Today, in the midst of an environmental crisis, we hear about how large scale farming is eroding the soil, ruining habitats, producing resource demanding meat and exploiting water resources.  Maybe as a counter reaction to this we also hear from the other end of the spectrum about people going the self-sustainable way.

You can find more information about 'Why We Farm', Elvira and the farmers of Capay Valley through her website: 


You can also go along and purchase the book through the website!

Elvira is of cause also ready to share more information and news from the Capay Valley through her social media. Check out her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

They move out of the cities and into small farm communities where they grow veggies and raise their kids. So is there a middle? How do you make a sustainable agricultural business that is economically doable whils still protecting the environment? 


Elvira, who has a passion for sustainable living, is trying to describe just that by sharing with us a number of personal stories from the people of the Capay Valley.  Through interviews with various farmers throughout the valley she is revealing to us the agricultural microcosmos that is present here. Elvira takes us through vegetable patches, vineyards, dairy and livestock farms as well as a 1 acre lavender farm. Through the farmers she describes the struggles of being a small scale farmer, the strong community bonds and the passion that many of the farmers have for being stewards of their land and making sure that what they do is done organically, sustainably and with a good amount of compassion. 


Listen to this interview about organic farming in the Capay Valley and find out how their way of farming could affect the way we farm on a much larger scale where local produce, sustainability and environmental awareness would be in focus. Find out Why We Farm!



Why We Farm

'Why We Farm'-author Elvira Di'Brigit tells the personal stories of how organic small scale farmers are maintaining a sustainable land stewardship whilst making a living in the Capay Valley.

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