IbN # 10 - Ende Gelände

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"I think we need to come as people from below to change those structures - and to change climate injustice into climate justice".

Do you ever feel like some environmental issues seem to large to handle? Well, this episode is about how a network of thousands of people is emerging through Europe, initiated by climate camps where people can share thoughts, ideas and stand together through activism. Because together we are stronger. 


This week I am speaking to Insa, one of the press officers behind the network named Ende Gelände ("Here and no further")


Ende Gelände is a climate justice movement made from a coalition of people from anti-nuclear and anti-coal movements, environmental groups and grassroots climate organisations.  


Through civil disobedience, the movement puts focus on the need for phasing out fossil fuel whilst highlighting the injustice that is arising due to the climate crisis. Every year the Ende Gelände network gathers in large camps to protest against the fossil fuel industry and the politics that surrounds it. This year they are gathering in the Rhineland area of Germany in a large coal mining area operated by the German energy company RWE. 


The camps this year takes place from the 18th - 29th of August 2017 and finishes off with their action days where climate activists are blocking the lignite extraction sites. 

But the movement has reached further than the coal mines of the Rhineland, and people forming red lines can now be seen throughout the year in many places, symbolising a line that should not be crossed by the old industries.


The activists want change and feel they cannot wait any longer for the governments to take action.   

Listen to this interview as Insa explains how Ende Gelände is operating in their strive to keep lignite in the ground while helping thousands of people to meet so they can share knowledge and ideas on activism, clean energy and system change. 

Visit Ende Gelände on their website or check them out through their social media on Facebook and Twitter!

This is how it looked last year, 2016.

Insa, Press Officer at Ende Gelände

If you are interested in the area of civil disobedience then check out this strong video: 



Insa, Press Officer

The climate justice network, Ende Gelände, is having their annual climate camp in the open lignite mines of Germany. Here, thousands of people from all over Europe meet up and act through civil disobedience to fight fossil fuels.  

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