IbN # 1 - Nina Askov

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Visit the blog of Nina Askov on:


If you are not ready to cook the insects yourself just yet, you can try out different ready-made ways to eat insects. In the Copenhagen area these two businesses are examples of incorporating of insects into food:



If you want some further information about edible insects you can start by looking at some cool infographics...:

Entomophagy, the consumption of insects as food

Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?

...watch this well-made information video...

"People are more and more aware, that we have to be responsible in the way that we use the resources that we have". 

My guest in this episode is insect promoting Nina Askov who is also known under the suitable name 'The Buglady'.


Nina has worked many years as a chef and is currently obtaining a Bsc within Nutrition and Health and it is through her studies that she found an interest in bringing back insects to the western dining table. She runs a blog which she fills with delicious insect-containing recipes whilst informing about the nutritious value that eating insects have. Besides the health benefits associated with our six legged friends, Nina also promotes the aid they could give to current climate and environmental issues our planet is facing due to population growth, green house gas emissions and excess use of resources.

As The Buglady, Nina has been participating in numerous events, talks, conferences and workshops throughout Denmark and has been the focus of many news articles, shining the light on the inevitable change that is needed to keep up the standard of living that we are all so used to.


Tune in as Nina talks us through the crunchy new world of insect-tasting. She explains how eating insects can provide a viable solution to solving environmental issues, delves into why insects are a nutritious wonder-food and introduces the concept of Insect Tuesday.

Should we eat bugs? - Emma Bryce

...or go all-in and download and read the report made by the Food And Agriculture Organisation Of The United Nations which covers nearly all questions you might have related to eating insects:

"Edible insects -

Future prospects for food and feed security".

Nina brought some tasty insects to the episode! Both fried, in chocolate chips and crunched as a part of omelettes.




In a world where we use more resources than ever, Nina introduces us to the tasty world of insects! Could insects be the sustainable super food of the future whilst solving urgent environmental issues?

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